Current Electrical Contracts

CNS Electrical currently holds a number of electrical contracts within the Government sector and Schools, both public and private.

These contracts include:

Lighting efficiency upgrades within Government buildings  to guarantee cost savings and future planning.

Electrical Maintenance / Programmed Maintenance for various Industrial and Commercial sites such as Chicken Farms, Water Bottling plants and Education Facilities.

We deliver a standard that is above and beyond any other company with around the clock service at the highest industry standards.

Emergency and Exit


The Building Codes and OH&S Act requires all Commercial and Industrial buildings to have installed Emergency and Exit lighting.


CNS Electrical can create a scheduled maintenance plan which will involve an inspection, testing and repair program which is performed every six months, in accordance with Australian Standards AS2293.2:1995. Repairs / Maintenance to emergency lighting systems include replacing of tubes, batteries, control equipment or entire fittings.


With new installations / replacements, CNS Electrical use NEW LED Energy Saving fittings. As well as energy savings, these units use environmentally friendly NiMH batteries further reducing your impact on the environment.

RCD Testing

It is essential that all RCD’s are inspected/tested on a regular basis at least every six months with a calibrated RCD tester. This ensures they operate as per required in AS/NZS 3760:2010 and reduce the risk of injury/fatality. CNS Electrical can create an ongoing maintenance plan which will involve inspection, testing and replacements if necessary.

Residual current devices – electrical outlet sockets

(1) employer must ensure that, in relation to each electrical outlet socket at the employer’s place of work, the circuit is protected by a residual current device.

(2) In complying with the subclause (1), the employer must ensure that on all power and lighting circuits, there are residual current devices fitted and regularly tested.

62C Testing of residual current devices

(1) An employer must ensure that residual current devices used at the employer’s place of work are tested regularly by a competent person to ensure that the devices are operating effectively.

(2) An employer must replace a residual current device that is not operating effectively.

(3) An employer must keep a record of all tests carried out on a residual current devices. After all testing, CNS Electrical supply log books and records of all results.